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Vuoden Kaunein Sormus 2023 Competition

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My ring in the competition

For this ring I have found inspiration from within to remind me what matters most. "Looking at a carousel brings up memories from my childhood. I feel a smile forming on my face every time I spin the top part of this ring on my finger. I gather the most precious events and people from my past here. As it whirls around I imagine future events with my loved ones and ready the place for them on my ring and in my heart. Experiences shape us into who we are today. We can paint a picture of the future for ourselves and decide who we want to invite for the ride."


Vuoden Kaunein Sormus 2023 -kilpailu, järjestäjät Häät-lehti & Hää @haatfi sekä I love me -messut @iloveme_official, kuvaaja Teemu Töyrylä, Studio Töyrylä @studiotoyryla

VuodenKauneinSormus_2023_RYHMA_StudioToyryla_WEB (1).jpg
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